"Eric is everything you could want in a realtor--experienced, thorough, savvy, and responsive. I highly recommend Eric as a realtor to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."
Chris Miller
"Eric Kabbara has been great to work with, he really understands the negotiating tactics of buying and selling, and is great at communicating the pros and cons of approaches. He's very organized and did a great job of marketing our place for sale."
Michael Edwards
"We work with a lot of escrows, again given the circumstances, end of month, Thursday night signing, just an AWESOME job by Team Sausha. Very few could have closed this file on time! To the management of United Capital Escrow, you have a gem!"
Brian Daniel R.
"Hi Eric, I want to say thank you to you and Lorrie. I don't think we could get this home if without Lorrie's help. She helped us on the price and the permit problems, and explained the disclosures for us page by page. Also, you are an awesome agent and the best agent we've ever met. You always stand by our side, and help us to find out problems and solve them. Best Regards, Sabrina and Ben"
Sabrina & Ben Yao
"As a buyer or seller you cannot go wrong being represented by a United Realty Group agent. Truly professional, they believe that the client comes first and exhibit this attitude with exceptional customer service. I would refer a friend or a family member to United Realty Group without hesitation."
Manuel B.
"I have known United Realty Group's broker, Eric Kabbara, for several years and he has proven to be the real deal. He will provide you with all the help you need, anytime that you need it. He will stay with you and give support until the job is done."
David C.
'I've been using this brokerage to meet my real estate needs now for several years and I couldn't be happier!! The managing broker, Eric Kabbara, is my 'Google' when it comes to real estate questions or concerns. He's always in the latest know and I highly recommend him and his office!! :)"
Shane K.
"Maurice Rizzuto is the right guy to talk to when you want to get the deal done."
Zed Star
"Thank you so much Sausha!  Your knowledgeable professionalism combined with such a sweet and patient demeanor make you truly a joy to work with. Great job!"
Shannon Spizzirri
Hello Everyone,
On behalf of our family I want to thank you all for such a great & supportive job the entire team did throughout this whole process. I’m really humbled to have been so fortunate in having all of you involved with this life changing event for our family. I can’t seem to put into words how much we really thank you all for this.....Thank you & thank you once again.
Familia Bautista
William Bautista